About Us

Founding date: 1982


Opening up Shop: May 1983

When the business opened, James did all of the work by himself from the back of a Ford Escort Panel-Van. It was only after a year the company being run between himself and his wife that he eventually employed another man to help him strip and clean parts before installing turbochargers and other mechanical components.


Growing Business

After five years passed, the business starting doing really well; it was around this time that Turbocharged Diesel and also petrol engines started becoming more and more popular & available and would subsequently need backup services. This naturally became the business’ target market.


Moving to the Lowveld

In 1987, James decided to move to the Lowveld and settled in Nelspruit, as nobody else was doing Turbochargers in the Lowveld at that time. He also realised that it would only be a matter of time before the market for turbochargers would start opening up in Mozambique, and it did, just as predicted. It has been a very good market, especially due to the amount of business that they gained from Mozambique.


Distributer in Mozambique

Some 10 years ago the company decided to appoint a distributer in Maputo, Mozambique as a result of demand within the country. The appointed distributer was and still is Filtros & Tubos in Matola, Filtros & Tubos specialises in filtration products, making them the perfect distributer. Their sales and technical staff have been for training with Turboformance in Nelspruit and this partnership has worked well. A sales and technical representative from Turboformance goes to Maputo every month for around 3 days to give sales and technical support to Filtros & Tubos, and this helps a lot towards generating good sales and it improves the market penetration.


Distributer in Swaziland

Turboformance also has a distribution centre in Swaziland, Aerobrake, along with Aerobrake in Matsapa, which only focuses on Racor Fuel filtration and fuel delivery equipment, but its services are likely to expand in the future. Aerobrake has been in operation in Swaziland for some time and it services the trucking and automotive industry, making it an excellent partner to have in Swaziland. Our sales and technical representative also visits them once a month for ± 3 days, to give them sales and technical assistance, to help with market penetration within Swaziland.

About Us


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Turboformance is an approved Service & Distribution Centre of Turbo Energy Limited (T.E.L. Turbos) of India for South Africa and we are authorized to sell turbocharger assemblies for Turbo Energy Limited (TEL Turbo) makes through our network in other countries of Africa like Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Mozambique.


We supply, service and fit most makes of Turbochargers, including GARRETT, HOLSET, T.E.L. Turbos, SCHWITZER, KKK (BORGWARNER) AND IHI.

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Our History


Founding date: 1982

Turboformance has enjoyed a long history of hard work and success in the field of turbochargers, fuel injection and filtration systems. We have a passion for our work.



The name, Turboformance, is a catchy abbreviation, derived from ‘Turbocharged Performance’. It immediately informs you exactly what the business is about and sums up what you need to know to bring your turbocharger/vehicle in for a service. We make sure you have the best and latest turbocharger systems suited to your needs, and we will make sure that your engine performs to the best of its capability. Pay us a visit and see for yourself, Turboformance won’t let you down.





Professional Approach

The success of the business is very largely owed to the dedicated and efficient staff. Most of them have been with the company for a very long period of time. The longest serving staff member, Meshak Mabuza, joined the company in 1988 and has been an excellent, reliable employee for some 27 years.  James is very grateful to his staff for their dedication and loyalty over the years and the company now has a staff that numbers 14 people.


“Excellent staff”

~James Richardson



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